BAR Competition Series Team Results

Team BAR points so far include these races:

Shamrock Crit
Battle of the Border AM races
Battle of the Border PM races
Sleepy Hole
Canal TT
Langley Speedway
Jefferson Cup
Page County Crit
Page County TT
Page County RR
VCA Hill Climb Championship
USO Crit
State Championship RR (Sat - age-graded)
State Championship RR (Sun - senior)
Smithfield TT
Chesapeake Crit

See the raw BAR race scoring

Overall Team Results:

1Fat Frogs Racing3705.0
2Rogue Velo Racing1406.5
3Sweet Spot Cycling1335.0
4THR Cycling1098.0
5Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds G1048.0
7Mermaid Winery838.0
8Full Spectrum Racing645.0
9Celerity/JRVS Racing611.5
10Team Carytown Bicycle Company420.5
11Celerity Cycling381.5
12Charlottesville Racing Club270.5
13Celerity Cycling p/b Brooks Systems184.5
14Cheerbacks of Fat Frogs Racing160.0
15Richmond Velo Sport152.0
16Jigawatt Cycling88.0
17Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV45.0
18Rogues Racing45.0
19Atlantic Velo43.0
20BikeWorks Racing34.5
21TriPower Cycling33.0
22Dire Wolf Racing31.5
23The Electric Banana Cycling Project p/b FSC Racing30.0
24Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo30.0
25Evolution Cycling Club30.0
26Total Civil Construction p/b Battley H-D30.0
28ButcherBox Cycling26.0
29East Coast Elite18.0
30Charlottesville Racing Club17.0
32Otterhaus Racing11.0
33Support Clean Sport/Guttenplan Coaching9.0
34Peaks Coaching Group Racing Team9.0
35American Flyers7.0

Women Team Results:

Computed from all Womens Masters and Women Senior categories

1Rogue Velo Racing1120.0
2Fat Frogs Racing1112.0
3Sweet Spot Cycling1019.5
4Mermaid Winery838.0
5Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds G316.5
7Celerity/JRVS Racing66.0
8Rogues Racing45.0
9Total Civil Construction p/b Battley H-D30.0
10The Electric Banana Cycling Project p/b FSC Racing30.0
11Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo30.0
12Cheerbacks of Fat Frogs Racing23.0
13THR Cycling23.0
14Charlottesville Racing Club22.5

Juniors Team Results:

Computed from all junior categories, both male and female

1THR Cycling450.5
2Fat Frogs Racing277.0
3Full Spectrum Racing244.0
4Rogue Velo Racing105.0
6Charlottesville Racing Club52.0
7Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds G39.0
8Cheerbacks of Fat Frogs Racing26.0

Mens Team Results:

Computed from all Mens Masters categories and all Mens Senior categories.

1Fat Frogs Racing2299.0
3Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b Reynolds G692.5
4THR Cycling553.5
5Celerity/JRVS Racing545.5
6Team Carytown Bicycle Company420.5
7Celerity Cycling381.5
8Full Spectrum Racing316.0
9Sweet Spot Cycling315.5
10Charlottesville Racing Club196.0
11Celerity Cycling p/b Brooks Systems184.5
12Richmond Velo Sport152.0
13Rogue Velo Racing151.5
14Cheerbacks of Fat Frogs Racing111.0
15Jigawatt Cycling88.0
16Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV45.0
17Atlantic Velo43.0
18BikeWorks Racing34.5
19TriPower Cycling33.0
20Dire Wolf Racing31.5
21Evolution Cycling Club30.0
23ButcherBox Cycling26.0
24East Coast Elite18.0
25Charlottesville Racing Club17.0
26Otterhaus Racing11.0
28Support Clean Sport/Guttenplan Coaching9.0
29Peaks Coaching Group Racing Team9.0
30American Flyers7.0