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Welcome to the District 42 Cycling Association web site. The D42 Cycling Association is a group of USCF recognized racing clubs in the state of VA. The association promotes the Best All-Round Rider (BAR) competition and promotes the state championships.

Virginia Cycling Association
2002 Board of Directors:

President: Bill Collins billbikes2[at]aol.com
Vice President: Liz Schleeper Lizschleeper[at]yahoo.com
Treasurer: Jake Helmboldt veloracer[at]earthlink.net
Secretary: Dennis Rainear dennis_rainear[at]ethyl.com
BAR/Omnium Jersey Coord: Jeff Parker Bikeparker[at]aol.com
Race Official Coord: Ruth Stornetta rs3j[at]virginia.edu
BAR coordinator,
Web master:
Bill Henderson billh[at]sgi.com

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Virginia Regional Area Reps:

SouthernGene Rutledgekdgener[at]aol.com
CentralTom DoyleTdoyle[at]bznet.com
NorthernLarry ByvikLByvik[at]scottstringfellow.com
WesternVincent Rivellinovrivelli[at]cs.vt.edu

Please use the above links only for District 42 business.
If you have general cycling question, please use the District 42 email group.

Member Clubs of the VA Cycling Association

Club NameClub SiteContact
Blue Ridge Bicycle Club Website Kevin McDonough (klmbrbc[at]aol.com)
Charlottesville Racing Club/Extreme Sports Website Tony Bilotta (tony[at]earthlink.net)
Chesapeake Cycling Club Website Don Peterson (Allbikes[at]exis.net)
Cycor/Contes Website Tom Doyle (tdoyle59[at]comcast.net)
East Coasters Website Vincent Rivellino (vrivelli[at]cs.vt.edu)
Hilton Cycling Club   Gene Bowen (genebo[at]att.net)
James River Velo Sport Website Kenny Elliott (kbesls[at]widomaker.com)
Monticello Velo Club Website Ruth Stornetta (rs3j[at]virginia.edu)
MT's Edge Cycling Team Website Larry Byvik (Lbyvik[at]scottstringfellow.com)
PDO Velo Website Ken Jurman (ksj[at]mme.state.va.us)
River City Velo   Jake Helmboldt (veloracer[at]cavtel.net)
Evolution Cycling Club Website Ray Alvarestorres (Atray[at]aol.com)
Team Hampton Roads Website Stuart Fielding (pbathr[at]visi.net)
Tidewater Bicycle Association Website Tony D'Amato (tonyd-3[at]mindspring.com)
TriPower Website John Flora (lawyers[at]harlan-flora.com)
Valley Bicycles/Xaloy   ??
East Coast Bicycles/
Website Jeff Parker (VbeachVelo[at]aol.com>)

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